Paws and Pints - A dog wearing a cowboy hat stands at a bar.

Paws and Pints

Supporting local breweries is a great way to give back to the community and spice up our own lives. At Alexan Research Park, located in the heart of Charlotte, NC, you’re just around the corner from places like Armored Cow Brewing Co. This small brewery is all about mixing up its beer selection in the taproom, offering both staple beers and rotating seasonal ones for a bit of variety. They also roll out the red carpet for your four-legged friends, making it an excellent spot for both you and your pup. Explore how living at Alexan Research Park can elevate your lifestyle, starting with the community feel of local breweries, paws and pints included.

Armored Cow Brewing Co.

Imagine heading over to Armored Cow Brewing Co., where you can try out different beers while your dog gets treated like royalty. This place isn’t just about enjoying a good drink; it’s a spot where your dog can get treats, water, and lots of love from everyone around. Whether you’re looking for a fun hangout spot with your furry friend or a place to relax and unwind, this place has got you covered. It’s a fun way to hang out, letting your dog meet new friends while you relax and enjoy the brewery’s unique offerings. Living at Alexan Research Park means this kind of pet-friendly fun is just part of your everyday life.

The Heart of Charlotte

But our location is about more than just having a great brewery nearby. Living at Alexan Research Park puts you in the center of Charlotte, a city full of life and things to do. No matter what you’re interested in, you can easily find something to enjoy. Whether it’s exploring nature, discovering local art, or indulging in delicious food, all the ingredients for a fun and fulfilling life are right at your fingertips. Our apartments provide you with a comfortable and convenient home base for city living. With an exciting lifestyle at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to make the most out of your urban experience.

Luxury Living Made Simple

Choosing Alexan Research Park is about stepping up your lifestyle in every way. Our luxury apartments are for people who love a bit of pampering in their lives. It’s about making your life more enjoyable and comfortable with all the top-notch amenities you could ask for and being near excellent places like Armored Cow Brewing Co. Here, living well is easy, with all the best bits of Charlotte right on your doorstep.

Alexan Research Park isn’t just any place to live; it’s where life gets better. With our perfect location near Armored Cow Brewing Co. in Charlotte, all the luxury amenities you could want, and a city full of adventures to explore, we’re here to make every day brighter. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a pet lover, or just looking for a fantastic place to live, Alexan Research Park has what you need. See how we can make your lifestyle more enjoyable with paws and pints included at Armored Cow Brewing Co. near Alexan Research Park. Schedule your tour today!