Ready for an Upgrade - Diana luxury two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Ready for an Upgrade

When you’re ready for an upgrade, the Diana floor plan at Alexan Research Park offers the perfect blend of space and luxury. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living area, this 1,058 SF layout has modern living in mind. So, are you a young professional or looking for a stylish place to call home? The Diana floor plan has everything you need for an elevated lifestyle.

An Upgrade on Space

Walk into the Diana floor plan and you’ll feel the openness right away. The two bedrooms are spacious, giving you plenty of room to relax. Each bedroom offers comfort, with lots of closet space and enough room for all your furniture. The bedrooms have their own bathrooms, giving you privacy and convenience. The two bathrooms in the Diana floor plan are impressive. They...

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Enjoy A Life of Luxury - shrimp cocktail served with tangy sauce in the middle of the plate and vegetables on the edge of the plate

Enjoy A Life of Luxury

At Alexan Research Park, we love sharing the best of Charlotte. Our community is all about upscale living, and Edgewater Bar & Grille fits right in. This stylish spot offers a mix of great food, drinks, and atmosphere. It’s perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a life of luxury. Explore what makes Edgewater Bar & Grille special. Take a look at their lunch menu, dinner menu, and...

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Where Every Amenity Enhances Your Lifestyle - three dogs socializing and having fun in the dog park

Where Every Amenity Enhances Your Lifestyle

Living at Alexan Research Park means moving into a world where every amenity enhances your lifestyle. This isn’t just an upscale living space; it’s a community designed with convenience in mind. Are you a...

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An Atmosphere of Upscale Relaxation - spa-inspired bathroom with full-tile walls and soaking tub

An Atmosphere of Upscale Relaxation

When you visit an apartment at Alexan Research Park, you immediately feel the luxury that surrounds you. Our apartments aren’t just places to live. They’re retreats designed for comfort and style. The real gem of our apartments? The spa-inspired bathrooms. Each feature in these bathrooms elevates your daily life. They also bring a touch of everyday luxury. From full-tile walls to...

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Live in Luxury Every Single Day - luxury Charlotte three-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Live in Luxury Every Single Day

Meet the Charlotte floor plan at Alexan Research Park, where space and elegance come together in a beautiful blend of design and practicality. This generous 1,271 SF layout provides plenty of room. It combines luxury with thoughtful design. With thoughtful touches and room to breathe, perfect for those who enjoy a higher standard of living. And while it’s luxurious, it still feels like a...

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