The Ultimate in Apartment Living - spacious two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

The Ultimate in Apartment Living

Each room’s layout impacts how you move and feel within your space. That’s a key thought behind the Alexandra luxury floor plan at Alexan Westerly Creek. This plan boasts two spacious bedrooms and bathrooms spread over 1,250 SF of spacious living space. It is designed not just for living but for living well. We offer choices that let you customize your home according to your preferences. For instance, you can choose from two different style packages for your apartment’s finish, allowing you to express your style. We also provide great appliances that make daily chores easier and more efficient. Discover the ultimate in apartment living with the Alexandra floor plan. Offering you the opportunity to enjoy your own balcony, where you can spend quality time outdoors,...

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Go on a Food Adventure - beef nigiri with wasabi and soy sauce at the side served on a white plate with wooden chopsticks

Go on a Food Adventure

Go on a food adventure that’s easy and fun to read about and even more fun to taste and experience right in Charlotte, North Carolina. Picture a spot where each mouthful sends you on a journey from the colorful streets of Peru to the calm beauty of Japan. This place is Yunta Nikkei, a treasure located near the luxurious life at Alexan Research Park. Here, the perfect mix of Japanese...

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The Charm of Upscale Leisure - young woman doing curl-ups in an upscale fitness center

The Charm of Upscale Leisure

Imagine a place where your living room is jealous of your amenities. That’s Alexan Research Park for you, where luxury doesn’t just mean a plush sofa but a lifestyle that makes every day feel like a VIP event. Here, we’ve mixed the convenience of modern living with the charm of upscale leisure, crafting a community that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. So, if...

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Celebrating Every Slice of Life - kitchen interior with chef's island, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and modern backsplashes

Celebrating Every Slice of Life

Choice to live in a place where your kitchen doesn’t just welcome your cooking skills—it begs for them. At Alexan Research Park, we’ve reimagined apartment living where the heart of the home beats with a gourmet rhythm, designed not just for cooking, but for celebrating every slice of life. Here, for the young professionals who wear their ambition as effortlessly as their style,...

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Your Huge Piece of Heaven - Caroline luxury floor plan

Your Huge Piece of Heaven

Have you ever thought about living in a spot where every inch seems to give your senses a cheerful high-five? Say hello to the Caroline floor plan at Alexan Research Park. This apartment is a whole 1,058 SF of spacious living space of fun and practicality rolled into one. Picture two bedrooms and two bathrooms – it’s like your very own oasis, complete with all the modern comforts and...

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