Live in Luxury Every Single Day - luxury Charlotte three-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Live in Luxury Every Single Day

Meet the Charlotte floor plan at Alexan Research Park, where space and elegance come together in a beautiful blend of design and practicality. This generous 1,271 SF layout provides plenty of room. It combines luxury with thoughtful design. With thoughtful touches and room to breathe, perfect for those who enjoy a higher standard of living. And while it’s luxurious, it still feels like a warm home. Here, you can relax in style and live in luxury every single day. Get ready as we take a closer look at what the Charlotte floor plan has to offer.

Live in Your Dream Home

The Charlotte floor plan features an open-concept design that smoothly connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas. It creates a sense of spaciousness and encourages interaction among family and friends. You are never far away from a conversation with this floor plan. What makes this floor plan even more special are the two designer finish options available. You can pick from a sleek, modern look or a more classic, timeless style. These carefully chosen finishes let you customize your space to match your taste and way of life. These luxurious choices transform your apartment into a true style haven.

Luxury for Everyone

The Charlotte floor plan includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms, ensuring everyone has their own comfortable area. The master bedroom comes with its own bathroom for extra privacy and convenience. The other bedrooms are great for roommates, guests or even as a home office. These extra rooms give you the choice to use them in whatever way you find necessary. Each room is there for comfort and practical use, with plenty of closet space and natural light. This arrangement is perfect for anyone who needs more space and appreciates comfortable, well-equipped living areas.

Sophisticated Living Every Single Day

At the heart of the Charlotte floor plan is the chef’s dream kitchen. It stands out as a centerpiece of culinary and social activity. It comes with quartz countertops that add a touch of luxury. Not only that, it is also durable and easy to maintain. These surfaces provide a sleek and clean look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. It also has a superior appliance package to boot. The spacious layout includes plenty of cabinet and counter space. It ensures that it is easy to store kitchen essentials and prepare meals without any clutter. Whether you’re cooking a family dinner or hosting a party, this kitchen handles all occasions with ease and elegance.

Living in the Charlotte floor plan at Alexan Research Park means choosing a stylish lifestyle. A life that perfectly blends luxury with everyday use. Every part of this spacious apartment comes with an emphasis on high-end living. You can choose designer finishes, enjoy practical yet fashionable bedrooms, and cook in an elegant kitchen. The Charlotte floor plan provides a living experience that is both comfortable and stylish. Here, you find more than just a place to live. Here, you find a place you can truly love. Live in luxury every single day here at Alexan Research Park. Contact us today for more details about our Charlotte floor plan!