Where Every Amenity Enhances Your Lifestyle - three dogs socializing and having fun in the dog park

Where Every Amenity Enhances Your Lifestyle

Living at Alexan Research Park means moving into a world where every amenity enhances your lifestyle. This isn’t just an upscale living space; it’s a community designed with convenience in mind. Are you a pet owner, a tech enthusiast, or someone who loves socializing? Then, our homes and amenities are perfect for you. We have features that cater to all your needs. We have a state-of-the-art pet spa, a fenced-in dog park, and a vibrant social calendar. Our homes embody an elevated lifestyle, offering a slice of luxury every day.

Every Luxury for Your Little Friend

At Alexan Research Park, we understand that your pets are part of your family. This is why we offer a deluxe pet spa complete with a grooming station. This spa provides everything you need to keep your furry...

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An Atmosphere of Upscale Relaxation - spa-inspired bathroom with full-tile walls and soaking tub

An Atmosphere of Upscale Relaxation

When you visit an apartment at Alexan Research Park, you immediately feel the luxury that surrounds you. Our apartments aren’t just places to live. They’re retreats designed for comfort and style. The real gem of our apartments? The spa-inspired bathrooms. Each feature in these bathrooms elevates your daily life. They also bring a touch of everyday luxury. From full-tile walls to...

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Live in Luxury Every Single Day - luxury Charlotte three-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Live in Luxury Every Single Day

Meet the Charlotte floor plan at Alexan Research Park, where space and elegance come together in a beautiful blend of design and practicality. This generous 1,271 SF layout provides plenty of room. It combines luxury with thoughtful design. With thoughtful touches and room to breathe, perfect for those who enjoy a higher standard of living. And while it’s luxurious, it still feels like a...

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The rich flavors of Mexico and Texas - Mexican Tex-Mex dinner served on a dark blue table

The Rich Flavors of Mexico and Texas

Ever found yourself dreaming of Tex-Mex that hits the spot? Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill is your answer, adding a dash of spice to the area around Alexan Research Park. More than your average Tex-Mex restaurant, it’s a festival of tastes. Here, each meal turns into a joyous event, and each plate into a tale. Perfectly placed near Alexan Research Park, Mi Pueblo mixes luxury with the rich...

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Where Productivity Meets Luxury - maker's space and quiet library with comfortable seating and bookshelves

Where Productivity Meets Luxury

Ever thought your home could be more than just a place to eat, sleep, and lounge? At Alexan Research Park, we’re turning that thought into reality, blending luxury with the convenience and style of modern living. Here, every amenity comes with an elevated lifestyle in mind. We want to ensure that whatever you do, you do it in the utmost style. Take a peek into luxury living redefined at...

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