Your Huge Piece of Heaven - Caroline luxury floor plan

Your Huge Piece of Heaven

Have you ever thought about living in a spot where every inch seems to give your senses a cheerful high-five? Say hello to the Caroline floor plan at Alexan Research Park. This apartment is a whole 1,058 SF of spacious living space of fun and practicality rolled into one. Picture two bedrooms and two bathrooms – it’s like your very own oasis, complete with all the modern comforts and some seriously snazzy lights. It’s like living in your huge piece of heaven, but with all the perks of modern living. Explore what our apartments have to offer and elevate your living space at Alexan Research Park.

Your Personal Dreamlands

First up are the bedrooms. They’re spacious, having walk-in closets that could almost double as a mini hall – but better suited for your wardrobe. Picture a closet so spacious, you can do a full spin in your snazziest outfit and not even graze your fluffy winter jacket. It’s like combining a dance floor with a comfortable snooze spot. And after a busy day, there’s nothing like the welcoming comfort of these bedrooms to send you straight to dreamland. You might even start looking forward to getting ready in the morning. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a closet that feels like a boutique? It’s the perfect backstage area for your daily fashion show.

A Piece of Luxury

Take a stroll into the living room – the real star of the show. Here, we’ve got ceiling fans with lights that keep things as chill as your favorite tunes. Picture yourself curled up with a good book, throwing a board game bash, or belting out tunes for your own concert – this living room changes its feel to match your mood. This space is where you’ll make those fun memories, share belly laughs, and yes, play detective when the TV remote goes on its little hide-and-seek adventures. It’s like the room has a mind of its own, always ready for your next move. Sometimes, you might even feel like the living room is nudging you to relax a bit more.

Your Slice of Heaven

Now, let’s talk about the spa-inspired bathrooms in the Caroline floor plan. These aren’t just rooms with a shower; they’re your personal wellness centers. With fixtures that sparkle and shine brighter than your future, they turn every routine into a ritual. Whether you’re prepping for a day of conquering the world or winding down with some me-time, these bathrooms have got your back. They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but in these bathrooms, you’ll feel like you’re already there. Feels like having a spa day, every day, without the awkward small talk.

The Caroline floor plan at Alexan Research Park is more than just a living space; it’s a living experience. It’s where comfort meets style, and every square foot is a testament to thoughtful design. From the dreamy bedrooms to the lively living room, and the brilliantly lit spaces in between, this is a place that turns everyday living into an everyday delight. Your huge piece of heaven awaits at Alexan Research Park. Book a tour of our luxury Caroline floor plan today!